Karissa Thomas is an Award Winning Author & Speaker.
She is a dynamic leader, entrepreneur, and savvy business woman.
Her knack for leadership has pioneered her as a mentor, leading lady speaker, & friend.

Karissa Thomas spent over 10+ years climbing the Corporate Ladder. She’s made tremendous waves in the industry as a leading lady! She’s carried her drive and commitment to success worldwide lecturing to distinguished audiences.

Ms. Thomas is the CEO and Founder of Iconic Dreams. She is a mentor and leader in network marketing. She teaches business, entrepreneurship, and financial leverage for the Career Professional. She is passionate about inspiring change within the self. Her philosophy derives from an innate place within which she accessed through life experiences. She believes that only you can confront yourself to affect lasting change.
Ms. Thomas has been featured in various articles for Identity Magazine. She’s a featured guest on E Health Radio discussing personal development strategies. She’s been featured on The Jenny Gallagher Show talking about intuition. Ms. Thomas is the Award winning author of Uncertainty to Confidence: A New Way of Living Your Life. Winning a Silver Medal for the Living Now Book Awards in 2011 for Personal Development. She is the author of Fool Proof: A Woman’s Guide to Self Love, Strength, and Relationships, and The Look of Success: A Guide for Wanting, Achiving, and Sustaining Overall Success in Your Life.

USA, Canada, Brazil, Peru, Columbia, Mexico
New York, NY 10128
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Tel. 206.888.4586
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Living Now Book Awards 2011 Silver Medal Winner in Personal Development Karissa Thomas for Uncertainty to Confidence: A New Way of Living Your Life.


Uncertainty to Confidence reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (12/10)
The author, Karissa Thomas, who is also a life coach, discusses the reasons for which we have disconnected ourselves from our Source. Read More...

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